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(IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our service is 100% compliant with the new cannabis regulations passed in 2015 -- Assembly Bill 266, AB 243, and Senate Bill 643. In addition to the 2016 California recreational cannabis law (The Adult Use of Marijuana Act) (AUMA) (Proposition 64).

In recent years cannabis has seen a historic wave of acceptance across the country. But don't be fooled! The fact remains that medical marijuana growers are arrested every single day. And the prosecution of even low level growers continues. A single medical cannabis recommendation does NOT keep you safe, and 99 plant exemptions (99 plant scripts, 99 plant recommendations, etc.) are not legally binding in court. The only proven method of legally growing 99 cannabis plants or more in California is through GrowLegal.com.

GrowLegal.com matches medical cannabis growers with true nonprofit collectives, placing their grow under an umbrella of verified medical patients. This system has been tested in court hundreds of times. We work with some of the most respected members of the Prop 215 community including well-know breeders, attorneys, and activists.

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