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It’s one of the first dilemmas every grower faces: Should I tell my friends and family about my new endeavor? No matter where you live or consequences you face, this could prove the most pivotal question of your life. Should you keep your grow secret?

6 Grow Mistakes

During my 10+ years of commercial growing I've made countless mistakes. I didn't have a mentor, so I wasted hundreds on bad products and untold thousands in lost revenue due to mistakes. What I wouldn't do to go back in time with the knowledge I have now. Oh the blood, sweat, tears, and money I could save myself. But at least I can try to help you making some of the same mistakes.

The Truth about California Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licenses

If you've looked inside a cannabis publications or taken a stroll down Venice Beach, you've probably seen clinics offering medical marijuana recommendations at rock bottom prices, sometimes less than $50. You may have also noticed many of these same clinics offering to sell so-called "cultivation licenses" or 99 plant exemptions for an additional fee.

If you're new to the medical cannabis scene these offers might seem tempting. But saving a few bucks now might cost you your freedom later.

These low priced 'clinics' are nothing but medical marijuana recommendation mills. All they care about is money and getting as many customers are possible. To keep the money coming in they are willing to give a cannabis card to pretty much anyone who walks in the door.

So what's the problem?
1. These script mill recommendations are often not accepted in respected dispensaries.

2. If you end up in court and your recommendation came from a doctor who's written thousands of scripts you might be in serious trouble. (These have been found as invalid in court.)

3. Under California law there is no such thing as a "cultivation license." With a valid California doctor's recommendation you may legally cultivate or possess as much cannabis needed to treat your medical condition, but NO MORE than is medically necessary. If you got a 99 plant recommendation from a quality doctor, who is willing to testify in court on your behalf, than you might be ok. But if it came from a script mill you are in for a costly legal battle.

So the moral of the story is don't skimp when it comes to getting your recommendation, especially if you grow your own medicine. And never rely on a cultivation license to grow more medicine than you personally use. Become a GrowLegal member and cover yourself.

NOTICE: This article was written by a longtime medical grower who has years of working knowledge of California's medical marijuana laws, including Proposition 215 and S.B. 420. However, this is not written by a lawyer and should not be taken as legal advise.