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Start Protection
The state limit of 6 mature OR 12 immature plants applies to each patient represented in your garden. State law allows patients to grow on behalf of other patients within a collective. GrowLegal.com puts these principles to work for our members allowing them to legally exceed the plant limit.
After signing up, you will receive a corporate resolution and official collective signage via email within 2 business days. If further verification is ever needed, your collective will supply a list of patient/members designated to your grow.
Having a personal exemption for 99 plants or more is an ok start, but does not provide nearly enough protection. In fact relying on this alone is down right dangerous. Why? In court you will have the burden to prove all of your plants were necessary for your health condition.
No, we never ask for your address. PayPal may verify your billing address, but we never have access to this info.
Any California resident with a medical cannabis recommendation.
GrowLegal.com is a PayPal Verified company with hundreds of satisfied members over 6 years. PayPal does not allow illegitimate companies to operate. PayPal handles your payment and we never see or have access to your payment information. You are protected by PayPal fraud protection in addition to fraud protection provided by your credit card company.
If you aren't convinced of the value of our service after receiving your documents, simply cancel with PayPal before the end of your trial and you won't be charged a cent. Period.
Our associated collectives maintain an up-to-date record of their member/patient's Prop 215 recommendations.
For security and privacy reasons, we do not publicly list the names of collectives associated with GrowLegal.com. NOTE that the collectives are not storefront dispensaries and do not buy medicine.