I can personally attest that the service works, but they advertise you get your documents in two days. It took double that to get my documents. But im  just glad I had protection when the deputy came.


With all the new laws I was very skeptical about this service. After talking to a lawyer, I was assured GrowLegal has been around for a long time and has a solid track record. I hope I won’t ever need to use it, but I’m glad I can focus on my plants and not be worried about the law.


Having GrowLegal protection really does put my mind at ease, and lets me focus on my garden. I know that if the worst happens, I will have the support of GrowLegal.

Gloria S.

My buddy recommended GrowLegal over a year ago. I joined right away and felt better about being over my plant limit. I had been considering canceling my membership because I felt nothing was going to happen, thank god I didn’t. Last month a friend of a friend was arrested for possession of a hard narcotic… and to get out of trouble, he told the PD about my grow op. But he didn’t realize it was medical and completely backed by a collective… haha, after a short talk with the DA he’s in jail, I’m back in my garden.

Nate in OC

I have a 99 plant recommendation but was advised by my lawyer to join GrowLegal as an extra level of protection. I am lucky I did. The man who rents my spare room failed to tell me he was on parole, and the cops came knocking for an unannounced inspection. Long story short they smelled my garden, inspected my paperwork, and when on their way. They told me point blank that they normally arrest growers with 99 plant exemptions because they are mostly from ‘script mills’… OMG, thank you GrowLegal, you saved my ass.

Robert D.

“Three days after joining GrowLegal my neighbor’s house caught fire and I was forced to evacuate. Later that night the fire department and sheriff’s office entered my house to ensure it was safe. They found my garden… but at the entrance was my collective paperwork. The deputy was very professional and called my collective, and thanks to them I am not in jail. Thank you so much GrowLegal, I am a member for life!”

Paul form North Cal

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